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About the Trades Warriors Network

Mentorship Opportunities

Academic preparation alone is not sufficient to assure that students graduate from high school or succeed in college. Social support strategies are critical to improving academic achievement and career expectations as well as increasing school retention rates. Thus, the Trades Warriors Network provides learners with a positive peer-support system that can raise educational and career expectations, promote academic persistence, and promote college-going for underserved students and populations.

More precisely, the presence of Aboriginal graduates, Aboriginal trades professionals, caring teachers, and elders who demonstrate a concern for the advancement of Aboriginal learners are potent ingredients in nurturing personal, professional, and academic growth in our virtual community.

Additionally, effective mentoring can take place on the Network. For example, younger students can be paired with post-secondary students, teachers, and/or elders. Mentoring can also occur as part of site-visits and speaking engagements facilitated through Network interactions.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for these students, please contact us at Avatar Media and use the subject heading "Be a Trades Warriors Mentor".

If you are looking for a mentor in the trades career field, please contact us at Avatar Media and use the subject heading "Find a Trades Warriors Mentor.